El Paso, Texas


Though Madrid’s subway culture is not as lively as in CDMX, there are days when I’m proven wrong. This was recorded in Metro Linea 4.


art by yours truly



On a routine walk to Parque Mexico, a gentleman overtook me on the sidewalk,
excusing himself and saying thank you as he passed by.

You’re welcome.

He paused, matched my pace, asked if I spoke English. If I knew the area.


He was searching for other Africans. He had just been released by authorities
after being held for six nights, apprehended two days after his arrival from Liberia.

Through a thick accent he apologized for his face.


People didn’t trust him because of his appearance i.e. pigmentation.

I was about to say he’d be worse off where I’m from,
wondering if that’s where he was headed.

We parted ways as he once again thanked me, for nothing.